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day & night dreamer. loves singing. worships jazz & blues. has a little too much love for her own hair. wishes to have been born in the 1940s or earlier. in love with the telly. believes in music.

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19 October 14
When you get out of the driver’s seat, you find that life can drive itself, that actually life has always been driving itself. When you get out of the driver’s seat, it can drive itself so much easier—it can flow in ways you never imagined.


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Posted: 10:21 AM

Home. In the episode of “The Queen with the drama”. I fucking came back and she still throws dramas around. Not that I don’t understand but it is easier for both of us to stay apart. I’m sorry.

16 October 14

It breaks my heart a little when you can’t get a good night sleep. And I can’t tell you to stop worrying cause it’d do nothing. I just wish I were there to guard you sleep. Or maybe, you could get someone to do that for you, I’ll be fine. As long as you’re fine.

I didn’t expect it would be this hard.

Posted: 12:54 AM
15 October 14

Even a trip to the supermarket becomes an emotional experience. Shit. May this phase passes fast.

14 October 14

Gosh, after everything I still wish that you’d be by my side running your fingers through my hair and kiss me on my both closed eyes. And I thought I’m done crying.

2 October 14

Who’s gonna play with my hair?

1 October 14

What is life without you?
Is it a life at all?
How could I do this to myself?
…to you???

24 September 14

If you only knew how incomplete my world is without you here.

And this world is getting colder, literally.

I just miss you too much,
too much.

Maybe I’m selfish,
and insensitive,
to want you here to complete my world.

But all I know is that I miss you.

12 September 14

On second thought,
what if you don’t actually wanna know?

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh