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9 February 14

I’d rather people watch this embarrassing “performance” of mine, though. I can’t believe I was kinda proud of it for about a year! I just watched it back and OMG!

18 January 13

so last night, we had a kind of a “farewell” karaoke. i was in the state of denial that whole night, believing that it was only a regular karaoke like we always had. oh shit i’m starting to cry again. ended with Presil & Susan giving farewell gifts and notes for Nana & me. okay i really don’t know what to say right anyway when we reached our dorm, Nana stayed at my room until about 4 am. we opened the gifts and read the notes, and got a little emotional, so we talked about how great the time spent with Susan, Presil, and the rest of the closest friends we’ve been hanging out with for the last few months. yeah and about 4, Nana went back to her room and i slept.

this morning, we said a brief goodbye to Presil, Dita (one of my o level’s classmates), and Susan’s roommate when they’re about to head to the airport. it was not too emotional, apparently; i was really sad, though. and few hours later, it was Susan’s and her brother’s turn to go to the airport. Nana and me lingered at their room since hours before the van took them to the airport. when the van just came, i forcefully hugged Susan (she doesn’t like to be hugged either) before she got on it and i actually started getting teary eyes. i usually don’t cry, okay. i don’t. but this time i couldn’t hold it, especially after Susan handed me her scarf as a souvenir. i just did not know how to stop. and moments after the van has vanished, she called me. we talked and she (purposely) made me continue crying by reviewing some of the memories we all share. and everytime i look at her scarf, or remember about it, i wanna cry again. damn.

for some reason i just felt really close with them, especially Susan. she’s just too nice and every other awesome character that you could put on a person’s personality. so, i didn’t write notes back for Presil or Susan. not too sure why, but i think one of the reasons is i don’t wanna feel like it’s really a farewell - we’re just gonna have a little winter break and we’ll hangout again like we always do.. :’( which is not true because i’m not coming back to.. :’( i’m not going to go to the language school anymore, but they will continue studying next semester. damn it stef stop crying. 

i’ll just stop writing now.

21 December 12
40’s chinese showgirl costume! – View on Path.

40’s chinese showgirl costume! – View on Path.

Posted: 11:31 PM
balinese costume! – View on Path.

balinese costume! – View on Path.

8 December 12

friday night. so friday afternoon, my friend and i made plans during class to go to places after class. original plan was going to the gallery where our friend works to see the exhibition and then the three of us would go to this french-japanese bakery/café to dip our spoons into the pretty little things that place offers. but the plan slightly changed (okay, more like majorly).

we still went to the gallery and there’s this exhibition by a young artist named Ziyu Zhang, and then the three of us headed to La Cocina to have some desserts as our friend who works at the gallery had to go after that. didn’t take any picture of the desserts but the Chocolate Nemesis and the Créme Brûlée we had there were really really good! best ones i’ve ever had!

after our friend went home, we decided to go to Cha’s, an 80’s Hongkong themed restaurant, to have dinner. and boy, didn’t i miss cantonese food! everything we ordered fully satisfied both our tongues and tummies! and their Cha’s milk tea..tastes like home! (especially if you like Singaporean kopitiam’s milk tea.) but we had to share table with a couple since the place was extremely crowded! and it’s actually a very common thing there. oh and we had to queue for quite a long time before we got our table.

and when we thought the night has ended, i suggested us to go to JZ Lounge, a newly-opened lounge (by the JZ group, obviously) where great local musicians play. that night was the Jazzpards who’s playing. my teacher actually has suggested me to go see the vocalist (Teresa Lee) perform before and turns out she’s really good! kinda remind of Heidi though. the band is frickin’ good, also! especially Oleg on piano! oh my goodness!! when i just arrived, i almost exploded (if not almost had an orgasm) when only the pianist, bassist, and drummer were playing! THEY WERE SO GOOD! and when all the band members played together, my friend said that she enjoyed it! i’m so glad she did!

apparently, there were no more shows after the Jazzpards and i actually asked my friend if she wanted to witness Latin Night at JZ Club! hahaha! i was too caught up at the awesomeness! but we decided to go home instead.

that was another super awesome friday night i’ve had since quite a long time! i’ve been so busy with the school show these past few weeks that i’ve been spending most of my friday nights to rest ‘cause it’s the only day of the week where i don’t have any scheduled practice after school.

oh by the way i just googled Teresa Lee and she’s born in 1990! OMG!

28 November 12

林寶 - 上海歌姬 (Lin Bao - Shang Hai Ge Ji)

so last night, i had my vocal class and finally met my new classmate. and she is apparently a superstar who sings this song. wow. we didn’t get to chat much last night, but she handed me her latest album (this one) and her concert DVD! like awesome or what!

maybe i should ask for her to autograph the album or something.

oh by the way this is one of my favourite tracks. and by favourite tracks i mean every songs in the album!

5 November 12

Despite popular opinion, a broken heart is not more painful than a broken toe.

so last night (more like midnight actually) i needed to go to the bathroom but kicked a wall on my way, instead. and boy! that hurt like nothing i’ve ever felt before! even worse than a broken heart, or a post dental surgery! my two little toes started to get swollen and all i could think to myself was that i had broken my toes! wanted to cry but no tears came out. so i swore instead (‘cause according to one of the “facts” i’ve read, swearing could increase the pain threshold). i actually had to crawl around in my room as i can’t even stand on both feet! and after about an hour tweeting and whining how painful it was (i don’t have roommates and i don’t wanna disturb anybody’s sleep), i decided to sleep.

today, asked my korean friend to accompany me to see the doctor. my toes weren’t that swollen anymore but the pain remained. and i’ve got bruises on my toes. when arriving at the doctor, we were directed to the expat section and i gotta admit it felt vip. haha. they have a foreign translator there, but somehow i couldn’t speak english and i used mandarin to explain what happened. when i went to see the doctor, he was a foreigner too. and he. was. HOT. hahaha. when going in, i noticed a ring on his left hand. and then he told me to get an x-ray. i actually rode a wheelchair to the x-ray place. haha! after my x-ray result came, i went to see him again, he switched the ring to his right hand. hmm. oh wait that’s not the point! he said i didn’t fracture my toes or anything scary, so he just prescribed me a gel to rub on my toes. and then i found out that he was new at writing chinese, he had to slowly copy the gel’s name from the computer to the prescription. he was so cute when doing that! oh at the end, he asked if i’m 21 (and i’m sure i detected a “smile”-must be my mind playing tricks on me) but it’s for the form he was holding. haha.

conclusion: i like going to the international places, people are more friendly and services are good! haha.

20 October 12

Last night.

had a little “get together” with classmates down the dorm lobby. we mixed soju, beer and sprite. actually tasted good. but had too much i had to puke. many times. and let me tell you, puking something containing beer is painfully bitter. i thought i was gonna die. things i remember during being drunk: some of my puke (in a plastic bag), we put it in the bushes. i also remember seeing a couple hugging near that bushes. oh well. and had to puke for many more times. a good night turned to be the worst one. should’ve gone to the ktv with my other friends instead. never again will i have beer or soju if i’m gonna puke it out. and now i smell like puke. with a headache and too much acid in my stomach. hot bath will help, won’t it?

17 October 12

Went swimming for the first time in Shanghai

the most shocking part: the ladies’ changing room/bathroom = nude room.

it’s the first place you get into before the swimming pool and WOW! everyone seemed to be comfortable being naked around each other. i mean, the swimming place i used to go in my has personal bathrooms and nobody’s naked around anybody. but here…oh my was shocking, really.

what i learned (about being naked in the bathroom):

i learned that no matter how skinny a female is, her body doesn’t always as beautiful as those in porns or magazines. thank goodness!

the swimming pool was okay. only got 2 hours to spend inside. and the shower is really great! it’s kinda better than the one in my dorm. and i actually don’t mind going there just to shower. although you have to shower with everyone else. i kinda stopped caring about my body being shown to others. well, unless everyone else there are supermodels.

17 September 12

here’s some pictures of the tourism festival and indonesian fair. didn’t take much, though.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh