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day & night dreamer. loves singing. worships jazz & blues. has a little too much love for her own hair. wishes to have been born in the 1940s or earlier. in love with the telly. believes in music.

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10 January 13

Gabin Feat. Zstar - Slow Dancing Dans La Maison

wow. wow. finally get to see this. my ultimate favourite song in a different form!

29 June 12

Gabin Feat. Barbara Casini - Fim De Noite

Solidão, fim de noite, verão 
no espelho das águas se vê 
uma nuvem no alto a boiar 
sentinela do amanhecer 

Acalanto do vento no mar 
pensamento querendo voar 
uma lua dourada sorriu 
mergulhou na manhã, sumiu 

No silêncio imagino um lugar 
outro mar, horizonte sem fim 
luminosas manhãs de verão 
para andar, me encontrar enfim 

Como a brisa que vai 
num perfume esquecido e fugaz 
os meus sonhos confusos irão 
as trilhas do coração 

Solidão, fim de noite, verão 
uma estrela jogou-se do céu 
pra fazer meus desejos enfim 
renascer, acordar em mim
21 June 12

Gabin - Slow Dancin’ Dans La Maison

started repeating this tune again.

(Source: elalmavieja)

Reblogged: thespecialgirl

10 May 12

Gabin - The Game

3 February 12

Gabin - If You Want Me

If you want me baby show me a sign
Begun to think about you all the time
‘Cause I can tell that your tastes are refined
In matters of food, aesthetics and wine

Oh, you’re a natural at everything you do
Quick reflexes and you’re witty, too
Not too vain but with a certain style
And to top it all off you’ve got that goofy smile

Sideways glaces while you take a peek
Don’t you tell me that you scare so easily
Must be shyness, well, now isn’t that sweet
But go and throw caution to the wind

For you, I put on my brand new dress
Just short and low enough to make you guess
Make sure you’re always sitting on my left
They’ve always told me that’s my better self, oh yes

If you want me then pick up the pace
Don’t worry, I broke it off with what’s-his-face
So stop saying you’re calling for my roommate
‘Cause I’ve seen you’re eyes when we are just face-to-face

Been so careful ‘bout the way I walk
Always listen every time you talk
But I won’t court you while you just stand by
‘Cause I’m the girl and you’re the guy

So if you want me, baby, let it show
Is it gonna be a yes or a no
Now, you’re intriguing, but don’t take too long
Get while the getting’s good, honey, get a move on
Not sure how many times I’ll sing this song

1 February 12

Gabin feat. China Moses - The Thousand And One Nights

”’ll waste your life if you wait for dreams to come at night..i’ll just make you one, come and lie down..”

1 December 11

a perfect song for this gloomy rainy day.

19 October 11

Slow Dancin’ Dans La Maison - Gabin

"i see you move cross the floor, what do i do?"

28 September 11

Gabin - City Song


Tags: Gabin
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh